1. Ask What Your target Audience Cares About.

Even though your website goals may be to schedule visits and generate leads, remember that assisted living prospects are likely in all stages of the purchase cycle – from researching how to keep an elderly parent safe at home to deciding between several assisted living facilities – and everywhere in between. Create a variety of content that appeals to prospects at all stages of decision-making process.

2. Deliver High Quality Content

With smarter search engines combined with the competitiveness of the assisted living industry, delivering high quality content is a necessity. What makes your content appealing?

New, interesting, and targeted information appeals to users and search engines alike.
For content to be valuable, it should be up-to-date, relevant, and show your expertise.
Write for humans, not search engines. Yes, your content should leverage searchable keywords. At the same time, people (and search engines) are turned off when content is awkwardly crammed with keywords. Think “professional, helpful, and friendly.”

3. Demonstrate Expertise:

Effective content is specific, relevant, and educational. Create content that reflects a deep understanding of your prospects and where they are on their path to purchase. Get to know them well — their demographics, their concerns and situations, their pain points, and their online behaviors. Keep in mind that material written by a subject matter expert lends accuracy and credibility to your website and your business.

4. Write Clearly

Catchy and creative headlines and phrases don’t always capture our attention. Users spend less time per page than ever, so provide easily digestible information that is straight-forward and free of marketing clichés. When creating content, being helpful and to providing value will gain more fans and followers in the long-run. Some tips include using a “you” orientation, avoiding jargon, and including relevant and specific details rather than speaking in generalities.

5. Respond to Concerns

When researching healthy or assisted living topics, seniors and adult children don’t want to be hit by salesy messages. If the message sounds like, “I need you to choose this facility so I can hit my sales goals.” They may become defensive or feel manipulated. Instead, develop meaningful content that responds their concerns and pain points. This approach will be more persuasive, help build users’ trust, and keep visitors on your site.

6. Create a blog

Blogging is a perfect complement to your website. It exposes you to a new audience, provides a new format to express your messages. You can make your blog most effective by creating a brand personality that reflects your services and values and positioning yourself as an expert. Further, leverage keywords to improve search rankings and write posts that are easily shared on social media.

7. Make Content Easy to Share

Take full advantage of the growth of social media websites among all seniors of all ages. Offer appealing, easy-to-read content – and make it easy to share . After reading it themselves, they may “like” it, and pass it along to family and friends. Combine excellent content and shareability is sure to increase traffic flow.


Content marketing can make your assisted living website perform, but only when all the right pieces are in place. Over time, integrating great content into a larger Internet strategy is a winning strategy. When done right, you’ll attract the right audience, see more website traffic, and convert more visitors to leads.
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