Are you focusing on blog subscriptions to generate leads?

Your blog serves a lot of purposes, from increasing your search ranking to building brand credibility. For most marketers in our industry, blogging is a key way of using the internet to generate assisted living leads.

You put a lot of thought and time into your blog, but without readership it won’t make a dent in getting leads or reaching other goals. In other words, you’ve spent a whole lotta time on a whole lotta nothing. In the end, making your blog a success comes down to getting subscribers.

Subscribers are at the center of an assisted living blog’s effectiveness.

Bloggers generally have three ongoing goals to keep their blogs growing and active. As a blogger, you need to continuously think about how to get new visitors to your blog. Next, you’ll want to get them to subscribe. Finally, you’ll need to think about leveraging your subscribers by having them share your content and expose you to new audiences.

By sharing your blog’s content with friends, family, and co-workers, subscribers are critical players in your blog’s long-term success.

Now, let’s talk about some ways to get blog subscribers and drive traffic

Frequency: One of the major components of blogging success is how often your assisted living facility blogs. This is true for b2b and b2c organizations, large and small companies, and across all industries. It’s pretty basic – You can only get subscribers if you publish content.

Blog Posts: There are a variety of techniques to help boost your blog’s ability to propel subscriptions. The most obvious way to using your blog itself. Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) on your blog posts asking readers to subscribe. In addition to using this subscription CTA on new blog posts, you can also add it to older, and still popular, posts. If a blog post already has a primary offer, you can design your subscription CTAto be secondary by making use of size, color, and positioning.

Contact Forms: Your assisted living website most likely has contact forms that visitors can fill out to get a brochure, receive a phone call, or schedule a tour. You can add a check box on all forms asking if the visitor wants to subscribe to your blog.

Lead Generation Landing Pages: Take advantage of the landing pages you already have on your website for lead-generating offers and campaigns. For assisted living facilities, these offers might include tip sheets, checklists, or other items of value to your audiences. While your landing page’s primary purpose is to promote lead-generating content, you can still include a secondary call-to-action (CTA) for subscriptions. Just make sure it doesn’t overpower the ability of the landing page to generate leads.

Thank You Pages: After visitors complete a form on one of your landing pages, they get redirected to a “thank you” page that provides access to the offer they have signed up for. These newly converted leads are already interested in what you have to say, so it’s a great opportunity to further engage them by encouraging them to sign up for your blog.

Home Page: Adding a subscription CTA to your homepage makes sense if one of your key goals is to increase blog subscriptions. While you may always have a place where website visitors can sign up for your blog, such as in the footer template, you can consider trying out a larger CTA, such as a banner spanning the width of the webpage. After a certain period of time, see how the CTA performs and determine if you want to refine it or try something new.

Popular Pages: Look at your web page traffic and you may see that certain pages generate much more traffic than others. The “About” page often receives high traffic, and your website may have other high-performing pages. For example, if you are a multi-site company, the page with your locations might have strong results, or perhaps your “lifestyle options” is a popular page. If you’ve never thought of using these pages to generate leads or subscribers, maybe now’s the time to do so.

Incentives: Everyone loves getting something for nothing. You can create an offer that will have value to your audience and provide it as incentive to sign up as a new subscriber. Examples of incentives could be gated content, a promotional item, entry to an event, or a discount.

Optimization: Driving more traffic to your blog is a more indirect way to promote blog subscriptions, but you can probably assume that the more readers you get, the more subscribers you will gain. Make sure that you optimize all of your blog articles for search engines, especially targeting the keywords that you want to rank for in search.

Quality: Readers will only want to continue receiving content from you if they perceive that it has value. If they are not impressed with the quality of your blog content, they certainly won’t subscribe. Further, your blog content needs to be consistently high quality. After all, if they become disenchanted it’s easy enough to click “unsubscribe.”
Red Blog CTA - smallThese 10 tips provide some practical ways you can get more people to subscribe to your blog. Keep your eyes and ears open to new ideas and test them to see how they perform for your company. If you are new to blogging for an assisted living facility, you can download this “Get Blogging” infographic to help you generate ideas and get “must-have” tips on how to make your blog a success.’