Your marketing strategy fires up our writing, graphic design, and social media creativity.

Your marketing strategy informs how we conceptually approach each project and campaign. This means getting to know your audience’s demographics, challenges, interests, and online behaviors. By creating a specific marketing persona, we can best identify the ideal ways to connect with those who are vital to your success. Whether you are looking for a single brochure or a long-term internet marketing program, our strategic outlook enables us to be your true partner.


Does your marketing strategy need an overhaul? deHaas Creative has the business experience to help create or refine every aspect of your marketing communications strategy. With our in-depth marketing experience, we will analyze your competitors, define your target markets, develop key messages, and determine the best channel options and schedule.

Brand Identity • Design

deHaas achieves visual impact through powerful images, expressive typography, and effective calls-to-action that command attention and drive response. We can also update and reinvigorate your corporate image by designing a new logo or by rebranding your print and online assets. Clients trust our ability to hit the target, be responsive, and deliver on time and within budget.


Despite what many pundits say, we know that print remains a vital part of the marketing mix. With 30 years of experience, we know what makes print work. We don’t just design for “pretty.” We design to meet marketing objectives. Our pieces are clear, memorable, and reinforce your brand. Call on us to create clear annual reports, succesful direct mailers, high impact magazine ads, targeted collateral materials, and more.

Web Design • Development

Most visitors decide to stay or leave a website within ten seconds. If they stay that long, most will still abandon the site in less than a minute. That’s why we focus on intuitive navigation, relevancy, and clear calls-to-action. Your website will reflect your brand, engage visitors at all stages of the sales funnel, generate high quality leads, and inspire return visits.

Writing • Content Creation

deHaas creates marketing content that is infused with your brand and strategy. We consider it our job to learn about your company, your audience, and your marketing objectives. Ou goal is write compelling marketing content that guides the reader or visitor to make that call, click that button, fill out that form, and purchase your products and services. In addition to creating short-term copy for your online and social media assets, our writing expertise extends to developing annual reports, white papers, and articles.

Social Media • Blogging

It’s hard to efficiently keep up with time-intensive internet marketing programs. deHaas uses the HubSpot technology platform to maximize your inbound marketing efforts. We expertly create and publish a steady stream of content, optimize assets for search, and identify the right information to share. Our services also include regular campaign analysis, testing, and making ongoing refinements. The results? You achieve website success and high quality leads, while freeing you up for other critical responsibilities.